"The Inner Effect" Workshop & Solo Performance in 3 days

"The Inner Effect" 
Workshops Movement & Physical Theatre
Teachers: Tjarda van Straten and Nadîja Broekhart

“The Inner Effect” is geared towards movers/dancers and performers who want to dig deeper into their dark side and really want to take a step further out of their comfortzone. Through exercises we will pull out emotions and teach you how to translate this into your performance. We will send you some homework beforehand, so you will join the workshop prepared. We will guide you through the process which will result in a sincere out of your box dark performance. The result of the workshops can be shown during an "Unusual Open Stage".

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Workshop duration: 6 hrs per day + homework
Number of days: 3
Location: on-site or by arrangement
Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum number of participants: 8
Fee: upon request