Special Theme Performance

HipSick Unusual Theatre has been performing at many events with their own shows and are a well sought after group for special themed performances.
The group has the capability and the experience to perform in a wide array of settings. Doing so they have never left a crowd un-amazed and struck awe at the show they just witnessed. Be it at a party, in the streets, at an opening or in a more formal theatre setting. Performances are created on the basis of HipSick Unusual Theatre skills – the ability to let the audience go home with a long lasting emotion, which will not be easily forgotten. The shows are eccentric, dreamy, but most of all create a profound atmosphere.
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A few examples...
Erwin Olafs' Fucque les Balles | Opening Shoot Me Festival | Mysteryland | Wasteland | Blikopener Festival | Mooi Weer Spelen | De Sauna | Bal du Masque | Summer Darkness | Villa Friekens | Pand 14 | Roodkapje | Wereld van de Witte de With | Museumnacht Rotterdam | Factory 010


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