HipSicknatus Monstrosus | performance/theatre

Obsessive behaviour often goes hand in hand with shame, vulnerability and taboo. It applies to each layer of society, yet is often not acknowledged. 

HipSicknatus Monstrosus experiments with what will happen to people when they end up in an uncomfortable situation. What does one do when there is no way out? Ease makes way for Discomfort. Discomfort gives way to Fear, Indifference and perhaps Curiosity? Different reactions…... and yet so recognizable. 
A 30 minute visual performance in which physical play, submission and identification play a major role.

“HipSicknatus Monstrosus is like a classical collection of curiosities and feels like visual art. Four curious characters caged within their obsessions.  The music stimulates, gruff lightning playing along. Being spectator you prefer not to be seated. Either you want to leave the show, or you want to appraoch the cages, watch the characters up close."  

Frank Koenen | Artistic Director | Festival Mooi Weer Spelen, Delft (NL)


Concept & Directed by: Nadîja Broekhart
Movement Director: Tjarda van Straten
Performers: Merel ten Holt, Anka Pajor, Tjarda van Straten,  Nadîja Broekhart
Music & Light: Stefan Julizar

Video: Dave Vriens