5Spices | HipSick in collaboration with Marta Gonzalez & Co2RO | site-specific experience


5 Spices Lounge events are immersive and will speak to all your senses. As you take a step into each of the Lounge events you will enter a different world, be taken on a journey and leave with an altered mindset. Dare the experiment, be surprised.

5 Spices is a new initiative centered around experiment, co-creation, and experience with a diverse group of artists. 
Each 5 Spices Lounge is an multidisciplinary event and an open lab, created by another curator and group of artists / talents. The lounges combine music, dance, theatre, graffiti, food, installations, visuals and more, each time in a different setting. 

For this 3rd edition HipSick's artistic director Nadîja Broekhart was invited to curate this evening. She got challenged to step out of her comfort zone, to experiment and to collaborate.

"Make acquaintance with the magical and bizarre world of HipSick Unusual Theatre. They create mysterious, fascinating landscapes that will blast through your normal state of mind. Elements of daily life, taboos of society, and identification play major roles. Test your boundaries with state of the art music, dance and physical theatre in the all-encompassing spectacular visuals of Co2RO and Marta Gonzalez on Chello."


Concept: HipSick
Performers: Merel ten Holt, Anouk Overeijnder, Vleer Echevarria, Nadîja Broekhart, Anka Pajor
In collaboration with: Marco Broeders & Marta Gonzalez
Music: Stefan Julizar & Marta Gonzalez
Visuals: Marco Broeders