"The Pharmacy" Cocktail Bar

+Cocktails a.k.a Medication without prescription+
A concept by HipSick Unusual Theatre in collaboration with d'Buster.

Including HAPPY MINUTE! get 2 cocktails and pay 1, as long as the coloured smoke is there. We serve drinks such as "Pammetje", "Ibu'tje", "Spiraaltje" and "Placebo" which is 0%. All cocktails are being served from watercoolers and are presented with fresh fruit.

Are you looking for a Special Theme Cocktailbar? Feel free to contact us!






Genre: Theatrical Cocktailbar
Crew: Depending on event
Technical specification: Watercoolers require power supply - 80W each - 3 coolers
License: We can pre-mix the cocktails which brings the alcohol % back to 15. This way you do not need a strong liquor license. You do need a regular alcohol license.
We always work with at least 1 person who is holding a Social Responsibilty Certificate.