New Show & Video | '9 to life' | September 2016

9 to life is a reflection of what is happening in our current, hasty society. The show is based  on the debated line between habit and ritual, nevertheless knowing that both can be developed into an obsession, so at what point does that happen? The integral question revolves around; what is normal concerning performance pressure and who decides upon the line of standardised norms ?

A 30 minute non-spoken show by HipSick Unusual Theatre bringing a combination of dance, absurdism and visual theatre. .

​Concept: Nadîja Broekhart // Movement Director: Tjarda van Straten Performers: Merel ten Holt, Nadîja Broekhart, Tjarda van Straten, Anka Pajor Music & Light: Stefan Julizar // Coaching: Sylvia Weening // Production: HipSick

Video: Tividor Fabriek // Photography: Hidde van der Lijn // Graphic Design: Angeliek Ontwerpt


"De sureële act van HipSick Unusual Theatre stemt tot nadenken" - Gazet van Antwerpen (BE)

'Deze Nederlandse groep brengt vrij absurd locatietheater, qua sfeer vergelijkbaar met wat het Vlaamse gezelschap Abattoir Fermé doet' - Geert Mangelschots, organisator en programmeur TREZART (BE)



*9 to life is made possible with the support of Gemeente Rotterdam and Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds