"Special Theme Performance" | Kierewiet & Club Waanzin | Rotterdam (NL)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

 On Saturday 9th of November finally we are able to connect our speakers again after the last amazing summer on two teknivals. After last party in Waalhalla in March of this year, we decided to look for a better location, which we found as well. We have two area's rented on the 10th floor from the Maassilo, Rotterdam. And together with Club Waanzin from Belgium, we invited the next artist:
Kierewiet stage:
Hesed (Analog Tecnè Model) (DE)
Audiolog (Vosa sound) (CZ)
Smeo (Oblyk Dfoke) (FR)
Mufson (013) (BE)
DMDN (Antenne records)
& several kierewiet DJ's
Club Waanzin stage:
RALPH MIRTO (Nachtstrom Schallplatten; DMOM) (IT)
Thomas Gram (FELT; Club Waanzin) (BE)
back to back with
Lennert (LCD, Duracell)
Nosejob (DOD; Club Waanzin) (BE)
XtimC (CSC; Club Waanzin)
NuTz (CSC, Club Waanzin) (BE)
Age: 18+
More info soon
Tickets are 7 euro in presale, and 10 euro at the door.
Only good vibes Allowed! :)

Factory 010 | Rotterdam (NL)